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Address: Fengchong Village Industrial Zone, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86-769-88894418     Fax: +86-769-88894418   E-mail: dgyxqj@163.com
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  • Yixin Advantage

    Meticulous in production

    Founded in 2005, Yixin Company has passed the certification of quality, safety and environmental protection, won 15 invention patents, and also obtained the Class A manufacturing license for tower cranes issued by the State Administration of Technology Supervision, and the construction elevator B-level manufacturing license. A number of qualifications.

  • Yixin Advantage

    Keep improving quality

    Yixin company tower cranes use higher grade steel, and the quality is not raised. Adhere to the product design in terms of structural design is higher than the national and industry standards, highly recognized by new and old customers at home and abroad, and exported to Indonesia, Singapore, South America and other places.

  • Yixin Advantage

    Service to the heart

    Yixin is only satisfied with the customers. No matter which province the tower crane is installed in China, it can guarantee to arrive at the scene within 24 hours, which won praise from customers.

  • Yixin Advantage

    Pursuit of safety

    Yixin Qingjiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. relied on the attitude of safety first. At the Guangdong Construction Safety Conference held last year, Dongguan Yixin Company became the model and benchmark for the quality and reputation of the tower crane industry and received wide acclaim.


Zhongshan Nanjiao Nanguiyuan River Lin Family
Dongguan Yixin tower crane can withstand the test of typhoon
In October this year, the super strong typhoon "Rainbow" landed at the Zhanjiang River in Guangdong. The maximum wind force reached 15 levels. The Zhanjiang Hengda Oasis was built with six tower
Intermat Construction Thailand 2017
Intermat Construction Thailand 2017
Dongguan Yixin qingjiang machinery manufacturing co.,Ltd. have successfuly participated Intermat Construction Thailand 2017.make a stept toward Eastasian market.