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Dongguan City Yi Xin Qing Jiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is engaged in tower crane, construction elevator design and manufacture, installation, leasing, renovation, maintenance and other one-stop service Professional Company. Have production base covers an area of 50000 square meters and a complete set of advanced construction machinery manufacturing equipment, has a by the tower crane, construction elevator industry experts leading high-end design and development team and a dominated by domestic large military enterprises technical backbone of high-quality technical workers teams. The company has strong design strength, sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology, complete detection means, strict management and management.
The company was originally created in 2005. That year, joined forces by the Dongguan Xinyi Industry & Trade Development Co., Ltd. and China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation under the large enterprises Chongqing Dajiang industrial group company engineering machinery factory (formerly Chongqing river machinery plant), by the new industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yi out information, including the manufacturing site. OE company is responsible for the management, and provide technology and talent, co founded the company, named "Dongguan Yi Xin Qing Jiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.". Later, due to institutional reasons, in April 2007, the company passed the "Yi new" company owned and independent operation. Seven years since the establishment of the new company, has been issued by the National Technical Supervision Administration of tower crane A-class manufacturing license, B level for construction elevator manufacturing license, tower crane installation, alteration, repair A-level qualification, bridge crane, gantry crane, gantry type heavy machine, elevator hoisting machinery installation, maintenance class B qualification, was issued by the construction department has heavy equipment installation engineering contractor qualification and safety production license, at the same time, the construction administrative departments approved to become the Dongguan City, only a special equipment practical training base to. Company to "do first-class equipment, trees Yi new brand" products business philosophy, over the past few years successful development and production of construction hoist products QTZ63 (TC5013, TC5610), QTZ80 (TC5014, TC5611, tc5613, TC6012, TC6013B, TC6510), QTZ100 (TC6513, TC6016, TC6511), qtz160 TC6517 TC7013 etc. series tower crane products and SC100/100, SC200/200 etc.. Yi new tower crane with its safe and reliable product quality and high quality service reputation at home and abroad. Especially in the field of product structure design standards, new Yi tower crane with its unique higher than national and industry standards for the design, making "Xinyi" brand tower crane after several extreme of super typhoon test and a variety of complex factors using conditions still stand down. Since 2012, the tower crane product sales has jumped for the whole of Guangdong Province peer manufacturers production and sales first, Yi of new brand construction elevator since August 2013 launch market, highly recognized domestic and foreign new old customers, has been exported to Indonesia and domestic market. October 2012 national product acceptance checks qualification of tower crane. Now the company has become national tower crane, construction elevator fixed-point production enterprise, formed an annual output of various types of tower crane 500 sets and construction lift 500 sets of capacity.
In terms of production and services, the company adhere to the "service innovation, product innovation" as the driving force for development. Service innovation, adherence to the "customer first, dedicated service" service concept, creating tower crane and elevator manufacturing, leasing, modification, installation, repair, maintenance, report installed inspection, personnel training etc. a dragon service. Product innovation is the combination of market demand, follow the "optimization design, lean management, manufacturing high cost products" cost concept, "strict implementation of national standards, pay attention to the quality of each manufacturing details" concept, from the product appearance, performance, use and other aspects of continuous and more new, create high-end and diversified products. The company has also established a series occupy a market advantage of the characteristics of the service: company can according to the special requirements of customers of tower crane and construction elevator performance, appearance, size, proposed, for the customer production specific models and related products; company is equipped with professional service team 24 hours to track the sold products and timely solutions to the technical problems encountered by users and for customers to provide efficiency, quality and safety of heavy machinery installation, maintenance and other services.
Now company's tower crane business already subsumes the Guangdong Province, Hainan Province, Guangxi Province, Fujian Province, Jiangxi Province, Hunan Province, provinces and exported to Brazil in South America market and Southeast Asia market such as Indonesia and other overseas region markets. Over the years, "Yi" tower crane has successfully around nearly 3000 multiple projects supporting and safety for successful completion of construction tasks, the typical project: 220 meter) of Pearl River Metro Jiayu Hotel, Guangzhou Pearl River Metro hunting De Xin Cun, Zhongshan Heng Fude Mingyuan, Shenzhen college sports will venues, Zhuhai and Macau University, Wanda Plaza, Dongcheng, Changan Wanda Plaza, Hainan Provincial Government Reception Center, Sanya National Judges College Hainan Branch, Shanwei Biguiyuan, Huilai layered homes, Huadu blessing garden and so on. More remarkable is Yi new tower crane have begun to move towards the group, the international development and success in Hainan open market and the establishment of branch, and investment cooperation with the Institute of Hainan Province of boiler and pressure vessel and special equipment test set up at present, Hainan Province, the only lift anti dropping device detection and Service Center, provide anti dropping device and testing services.
As the Iron Man Road, chamc. Unwilling to ordinary, wing for the first class Yi Qing Jiang, built in the field of construction machinery industry has created a number of first, forming a mechanical industry as the core of the industrial group, becoming the industry's competitiveness of the technology industry company, by the community wide acclaim. After many years of development, Yi Xin Qing Jiang brand in the construction industry to enjoy a high degree of visibility. Chen Yichuan, chairman of the company, as the leader of China crane machinery industry, established the industry to do fine, strong strength, industry bigger, the vision of the goal, the formation of the company's perseverance and hard work, pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise. Yi Xin Qing Jiang Co., Ltd. leaders and employees are not satisfied with the existing achievements. Is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm to create a better tomorrow.
Welcome new and old customers to carry out extensive cooperation with us, let us all the way together, to meet new challenges and create new and greater glory.

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